Tuned Dissipative and Reactive Silencers

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Tuned Dissipative Reactive Silencer Fan Tonal Noise Control Helmholtz-resonators

Tuned Dissipative Silencers, also known as Reactive Silencers are used for applications where air flow contains particulates (such as dust, cement, oil, ash, soot, etc.) that would quickly clog and degrade performance of absorptive silencer baffles.

VG Engineering offer a range of custom designed tuned dissipative, reactive and pack-less silencers also known as no-media, no-fill or ACFI silencers.

Silencers are constructed to form tuned cavities based on a combination of lambda/4 and Helmholtz-resonator principles to attenuate unwanted sound. Cavity dimensions are specifically designed to account  the rotating equipment tonal frequency. Two stage silencers can be produced to account for two separate tonal frequencies. This type of silencer design provides a low pressure drop increase when added to a system.

This type of silencer design is best suited to narrow low frequency, pure tone sound normally produced by constant speed machinery such as fans.

As required access points can be provided to enable periodic cleaning of the silencer.