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Acoustic Sliding Door Noise Control Sliding Door with Access Door Blast Resistant Door Fire Rated Door

Acoustic Sliding Doors are constructed with steel face sheets to provide sound reduction based on customer specific requirements as verified by independent laboratory tests (as required).

For exterior applications durable weather resistant finishes are available.

A heavy duty trolley and track system design provides for multi-directional adjustment of the leaf during installation to enable perfect alignment and easy operation during opening and closing.

Various door seal systems are available to meet customer requirements that provide interlocked engagement and disengagement with the door locking system to insure that the seals are uniformly and continuously engaged around the door perimeter to prevent sound leaks. Seal adjustments can be made without the need to remove the door.

Features include:

  • Motorized doors incorporate electrical /hydraulic/ pneumatic motor operation
  • Variable speed operation and “fail safe” safety edge protection
  • Single leaf or bi-parting leaf configurations, in a range of custom sizes
  • Personnel swing leaf door can be incorporated into the sliding leaf for easy access
  • Standard Door Acoustic performance ratings of STC 42 through to STC 60, higher acoustic performance available on request

Acoustic Sliding Doors are suited for a variety of applications including:

  • Machinery Enclosures
  • Mechanical Equipment Rooms
  • Test Rooms
  • Engine Test Cells
  • Test Laboratories
  • Spray booths