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VG Engineering Type E1 acoustic rooms and enclosures are custom configured to suit customer requirements for using engineered acoustic wall and ceiling panels, doors and windows. Enclosures incorporate silencers, isolated floors, access panels, removable wall and ceiling panels as required.

Acoustic rooms and enclosures can be assembled on-site, or shipped to the customer as assembled units or modules. Modular and pre-assembled units are provided with fork lift or crane lift points and can have factory installed, computer and raised floor systems, electrical and lighting systems, HVAC systems and plumbing designed to meet customer requirements.

A range of acoustical performance requirements can be achieved, normally STC 40-64 though higher performance can be provided as necessary. The interior and exterior can be finished in accordance with customer specifications and color preferences.

Window options include double-glazed safety glass, wire glass, polycarbonate, or bullet resistant glass. Door options include single-leaf, double-leaf or sliding, with or without windows.
Sound control room and enclosure wall and roof panel face material options include carbon steel, galvanized steel, or stainless steel. Enclosures can be weather resistant, bullet-resistant and RF shielded.

Enclosure applications include:

  • Gas Turbines and Generators
  • Diesel Engines
  • Large Compressors
  • Equipment Enclosures
  • Engine Test Cell Buildings
  • Control Rooms
  • Music Practice Rooms
  • Factory Offices
  • Anechoic Chambers
  • Wind Tunnels
  • Pump Stations