Thermal Analysis and Design

Structural design requires all operating factors to be considered to provide safe, long life system performance. To ensure all specification and Building Code requirements are correctly identified and analyzed to provide a successful system design we use advanced, class leading Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software to model structures that are subjected to pressure, stress and thermal forces or vibration and acoustical excitation; from individual pipework systems to complete structures such as test stands, building structures, high pressure steam vent systems etc.

VG Engineering FEA team includes engineers with significant real-world engineering experience, who have completed many projects working with customers in a wide range of industries. We provide efficient designs that give reliable service through their life-cycle with minimum maintenance.
To effectively leverage today’s computing power, VG Engineering provides enhanced FEA analysis using ANSYS Mechanical software operating on multiple cores using the latest highly scalable HPC (High-Performance Computing) clusters, giving virtually unlimited capacity to produce efficiently executed high-fidelity simulations.

This provides fast and accurate simulations for a wide range of conditions that include:

  • Static and Dynamic structural analysis
  • Modal analysis
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Linear and nonlinear structural and thermal analysis

Working together with clients during FEA projects helps to ensure that all requirements are considered, managed and completed to schedule and cost.