Noise Control Equipment Design

VG Engineering specializes in the design of a range of noise control and vibration control equipment. Our cost effective designs can meet most client application needs.

Silencers and Mufflers
VG Engineering is able to design cost effective silencers and mufflers for most applications where challenges involve pressure, temperature, velocity, humidity and corrosive conditions. Typical factors considered in silencer and muffler design included the following:

  • Type of gas and contents (corrosiveness and humidity, etc.)
  • Particulates in the gas stream
  • Total mass flow or volume flow
  • Inlet flow pressure
  • Inlet flow temperature
  • Allowable silencer pressure drop
  • Noise source sound power levels and spectrum (broadband and narrowband spectrum or tonal )
  • Design sound criteria (sound pressure level limits at sensitive locations)
  • Dimensional limitations
  • Installation orientation (directivity) and location
  • Wind and seismic load design data
  • Installation limitations
  • Silencer materials
  • Silencer construction
  • Manufacturing method
  • Transportation/handling size limitations

Enclosure and Barrier Walls
VG Engineering designs enclosures and barrier wall systems to suit client requirements for most applications. Designs account for specific acoustic requirements together with access, finish, location, existing structures, local zoning and ease of installation

Acoustic Louvers
VG Engineering designs acoustic louvers for the ventilation of mechanical enclosures, rooms and areas while attenuating the sound of the equipment to acceptable levels. Louvers provide a line of sight block and can be configured to suit customer specific requirements.

Absorption Panels
VG Engineering designs durable perforated metal acoustic panels to control reverberation and to absorb noise.

These can be provided in a range of finishes and composite construction configurations to suit the absorption and sound transmission reduction to meet customer and community noise requirements.

Blankets, Cladding and Lagging
VG Engineering designs acoustic blankets and pipe lagging for a range of pipe and duct applications, both interior and exterior; for ambient and elevated temperature use.