Flow Analysis and Simulation

CFD Duct Flow Analysis

Aerodynamic design is the key to successful system performance. To meet stringent product performance requirements we develop the aerodynamic design using extensive in-house test data and advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis.

The VG Engineering aerodynamic team consists of several PH.D. Engineers who have many years’ of real-world engineering experience, working with clients in various different industries to provide aerodynamic analysis and flow simulation. VG Engineering provides enhanced CFD analysis using ANSYS CFX and Fluent software operating on high performance networked computing systems. This provides fast and accurate simulations for a wide range of flow conditions that include:

  1. Incompressible and compressible flow.
  2. Single and multi-phase flow.
  3. Steady and unsteady flow.
  4. Subsonic, transonic and supersonic flow.
  5. Conjugate heat transfer.
  6. Fluid–structure interaction (FSI).