Industrial Market

VG Engineering acoustic solutions provide for a range of industrial applications including research and development, manufacturing facilities, construction sites, distribution centers, and food, chemical and process plants. We offer a wide range of acoustic solutions to mitigate noise in the work place and surrounding communities.

In addition to our acoustic expertize we offer design capabilities to analyze and optimize flow and heat transfer in existing ducted and pipe systems to improve efficiency using our extensive CFD modeling experience.

    For office, in-plant and community noise control we offer:

  • Equipment Enclosures
  • Machinery Vibration Isolation Solutions
  • Personnel Enclosures
  • Ventilation Silencers
  • Cross Talk Silencers
  • Noise Absorption Ceiling Baffles and Wall Panels
  • Acoustic, Fire Resistant Doors
  • Acoustic Windows
  • Noise Barriers
  • Stand-by Generator Enclosures
  • Mufflers
  • Cyclones
  • Cleanable and Tuned-dissipative Silencers
  • Acoustic Blankets and Pipe Cladding

We also offer air pollution and dispersion analysis and mitigation solutions for concentrated process exhaust fumes that may affect the local area and nearby communities under ambient conditions.

For Research and Development VG Engineering offer design services and products for:

  • Automotive wind tunnel flow and noise control
  • Anechoic and Semi-anechoic chambers

For the transportation sector VG Engineering provides analysis and design services for tunnel ventilation system noise and flow control. Products include: Jet fan noise control, Tunnel Ventilation Silencers, Noise Barriers and absorptive acoustic panel systems.