Dispersion Control Products

VG Engineering offer Advanced Dilution Nozzle assemblies for a wide range of applications as a cost effective alternative to the requirement of a tall stack normally used to disperse exhaust gases containing pollutants and noxious particulates. Tall stacks have the associated issues of cost, construction and height restrictions imposed under zoning by-laws. This often results in short stacks being used for most applications that fail to adequately disperse the exhaust gases due to low level atmospheric conditions, topographical issues and adjacent structures such as buildings, trees and fences.

Incorporating an Advanced Dilution Nozzle alleviates issues with surrounding communities without visual blocking from a tall stack that can often be an issue for neighbors.

Adding an Advanced Dilution Nozzle compensates for the disadvantages of a short stack using a Patented 3-Dimensional design configuration to induce ambient fresh air into the flow to decrease the exhaust particulate concentration and accelerate the exhaust gases to a higher altitude before dispersal into the atmosphere.

Based upon the customers mass of the exhaust flow, pollutant concentration, particulates in the exhaust stream, the source location and location of neighbors that are effected VG Engineering can supply a diluter assembly that reduces the drift of odor, smoke, mist and other particulates that effect the surrounding community and neighbors.