Company Overview

Welcome to VG Engineering, a unique company offering engineering, R & D, manufacturing and “Turn-key” capabilities together with a broad range of in-house engineered products that provides a one stop resource for your project solution.

We have earned a solid reputation with our customers in many industries, providing cost effective, high-quality solutions and products for Noise, Vibration, Flow and Dispersion Control.

Our success is built on our ability to listen and focus to identify customers’ individual requirements. Our extensive practical knowledge, field experience and multi-discipline theoretical backgrounds helps us to give end users a broader understanding of their issues and agree the best solution for customers’ new, retrofit, upgrade or modification project requirements.
We resolve complicated issues by analyzing the entire system using advanced computer simulations, engineering methodologies, measurement technologies and our extensive in-house test database.

Our Research and Development facility provides an extra dimension in our ability to verify a range of custom solutions with product development and design validation, through full and scaled model testing.

For added reassurance our dedicated manufacturing site provides unique capabilities to enable our custom products to satisfy customer specifications and schedule requirements through production control for on time delivery.
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Solving Your Problem
No matter what your requirement is, be it large or small, for a new project, retrofit, upgrade or review of an existing system that is not working as required or where better performance is required, we are ready to listen and help. If you would like a second opinion before committing to a project, we would welcome a call from you to discuss the requirement. “Getting it right first time”, means making sure the issues are known and addressed, the solution is the right one and is implemented correctly. That is what we are here to do every time, first time.

Engineering You Can Trust
From initial review of the client requirement, through design analysis and modeling, to fabrication level drawings and specifications, you can rest assured our solutions will fully address your total needs. We provide solutions using class leading CFD and FEA software, in-house developed acoustical analysis and most importantly engineers with extensive real world experience in the design, development, installation and commissioning of noise control devices and flow systems. Our specialist design teams are dedicated to make sure that solutions meet the client expectations.

Committed to Quality Engineered Services and Products
Providing Engineering services and products to customers is our passion. We operate under our ISO 9001:2008 certification, to maintain the highest standards in engineered design and manufacture offering the most efficient, permanent solutions to client requirements in the markets served. In contrast to other companies, VG Engineering brings original thought, proven experience, a high degree of understanding to client needs and our commitment to Product Innovation and Service Excellence. As a client of VG Engineering, you can be assured that your requirements are met or exceeded to ensure delivery, quality, cost of ownership and life time performance are an industry standard.

Full Service Capability
If you have a problem that needs resolving we offer a full range of services to provide a “turn-key” one stop solution to fully meet your needs covering every aspect from defining the requirement, through design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and training. All projects are overseen and reviewed by the company Principle Engineers who are directly involved at all stages to ensure clients’ needs are addressed and fulfilled on time and to budget. We have a broad understanding of many industries and their unique requirements, with the experience to know that similar requirements do not necessarily mean that a “cookie cutter” solution will work. We take great pride in working with clients, confident that the project will be completed to resolve the requirement. Our proven ability to perform has formed the basis of a number of long term customer relationships, their trust is also shown by referrals for new business.

VG Engineering Inc. was founded to provide solutions for noise, flow and dispersion problems, serving the requirements of the industrial, power generation and aviation markets. Having worked for many years as specialist engineers in these industries, the company founders formed VG Engineering Inc. to resolve customer issues with practical, cost effective solutions through a combination of high level engineering expertise and the use of leading edge computing technology.

Company engineers and designers are highly qualified and skilled in various disciplines such as aerodynamics, acoustics, structural and mechanical engineering.

Initially the company centered expertise on the analysis, design and engineering of solutions mainly for complicated problems involving flow and acoustical issues.

Shortly after the company also began manufacturing in our dedicated facility in order to provide our custom engineered products to better control quality, cost and the delivery schedules.

Due to the continued company growth manufacturing was relocated to the current facility where the shop size and capabilities continue to increase through investment in equipment and continued recruitment of the best personnel to meet demand for our increasing range of products.

Today our services include thermal, acoustic, aerodynamic and structural analysis of system performance, for example, wind tunnel and jet engine test cell systems to meet flow quality and noise criteria; analysis to optimize flow mixing patterns for water treatment facilities, process fans and pipework systems; high specification acoustic doors with blast and fire resistance ratings; acoustic and flow control equipment for machinery radiated, intake and exhaust noise at power plants and industrial processing facilities.

To broaden our market coverage we are also developing range of standard aero-acoustic products that include acoustic doors and windows, acoustic enclosures, silencers and panel systems, flow conditioning devices such as mixers, ejectors and flow straighteners for industrial applications.

Special Tribute
We would like to pay special tribute to our long-time friend, co-worker, supervisor, mentor and teacher Dr. Donald L. Allen.

Dr. Allen had many professional achievements, like a select number of his peers of his time he was a pioneer in the development and understanding of acoustics and vibration mechanics. He studied for his Ph.D. at the University of Toronto where he continued his association as an Adjunct Professor and Cockburn Associate teaching and training future mechanical engineers that attended the university.

As an Ontario Professional Engineer, Dr. Allen took an active involvement in professional association’s including ASME, EIC, CSME, ASA and INCE. He received a number of awards for his contribution to acoustic and vibration engineering, including the Canadian Silver Jubilee Medal, Gzowski Medal and the Julien C Smith Medal.

Dr. Allen’s career started in the late 50’s predating modern engineering computing that is taken for granted today, so much of the work done in engineering took a high degree of skill, time and laboratory work. As a practical man his work Research and Development resulted in a number of important Patents and Papers that were published to develop an understanding of components and systems to reduce unwanted noise and vibration in structures and equipment, from washing machines to buildings.

Dr. Allen was a gracious, knowledgeable leader and mentor to many engineers including ourselves, assisting our development and understanding in resolving complicated issues and helping make life better and less stressful for people and the environment. Through his encouragement we found the strength and determination to form a company to continue his vision and ability in providing innovative engineered acoustic and vibration solutions
Founders of VG Engineering Inc.

Mission Statement
We strive to be the best at solving engineering problems of the 21st Century and to conserve resources for today and the future. We specialize in using innovation and expertise to bring original thought to make efficient, quality solutions that reduce the impact of today’s industrial needs on the environment. We are defined by our ability to improve the lives of our customers, employees and surrounding communities.

Quality Policy
It is the policy of VG Engineering Inc. to provide cost effective solutions for noise, flow, dispersion and vibration control that satisfy customer requirements, on time, all the time.

We will maintain a quality management system in conformance to ISO 9001 standards and strive to continually improve processes and systems to be a supplier of choice to all customers.

VG Engineering Inc. is approved designer and supplier for large international corporations: GE Power & Water, GE Aviation, Pratt & Whitney Canada, National Research Council Canada, Delta Air Lines, Inc., BASF, National Gypsum Company, ASE Holdings, MDS Aero Support Corporation, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Howden Buffalo Inc., Tetra Pak, Home Market Foods, COLFAX Corporation and many others.

  • NRCC
  • MHPS
  • GE Aviation
  • GE Power and Water
  • MDS
  • ASE
  • BASF
  • ch2mhill
  • colfax
  • Gas-Compressors
  • Howden
  • HWH
  • Jacobs
  • National-Gypsum
  • PW
  • Tetra-Pak
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